Save The St Albans Common

Media Release Feb 16th 2017

Since 1824 St Albans Common has been in use as common land. This has its roots in the traditional "Common" of England and is designed to compensate "villagers" for the small size of their allotments. Perpetual succession to the St Albans Common was granted on 4 March 1853 to five trustees, who were to act on behalf of the "Settlers, Cultivators and other Inhabitants of the District",And is still run by the Commoners themselves through the Trustees. As well as being host to stock the Common has an extensive lagoon which provides a refuge to many water birds and wildlife. 

Please support our fight to save St Albans common - information can be found on the following site:

St Albans is a small and historic village on the  MacDonald River, NSW, Australia, about 90 kilometres north west of Sydney. At the 2011 census, St Albans and the surrounding area had a population of 305 people.

Two 24-hour car ferries provide access to St Albans from the Sydney region along roads following the old goat and horse tracks on either side of the Macdonald. Both roads meander (one partly unsealed) through rich country and farms of cattle, melons, orchards and corn. On either side of the river are historic homes and spectacular sandstone towering hills.

Art work below by Victoria Peel